Custom Tours

If you have specific interests or requirements why not let me craft a tour exclusively for you? 

Perhaps you are particularly curious about Mozart or music in Salzburg? Maybe you have a great interest in Austrian and Salzburg specific cuisine? It could be that you are keen to learn about WW2 and its effects on Salzburg? Or you would like to just discover and learn about the churches? Walk along the city hills with amazing views? Leave the Old Town and discover other parts of Salzburg? Have a guided tour in a museum? Take a day trip together for example to the Lake District?

The possible topics and options are endless!

It’s not all about the theme of course. This tour is also for you if you prefer the tour to be a specific length (maybe you have very limited time available or would like to have a guided experience for a whole day). 

Please contact me to discuss the details and let me create for you the Salzburg tour of your dreams! 🙂 

These tours are all about you!

Tour Details

Length: as long or short as you prefer

Price: please get in touch

Time: please choose a time that suits you best

Group size: maximum 25 people

Useful things to know:

  • Arrival: at least 5 minutes before the start
  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes. 
  • If hot make sure you have water with you, in case it rains bring an umbrella ☺

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